Which Honda Is the Most Fuel Efficient? For Sale at Lucky Car Ducky Near Lone Star, CA

Posted Tuesday, Sep 06, 2022

With rising gas prices, many people find themselves in search of a fuel-efficient Honda near me. The good news is that many highly efficient cars from Honda and other automakers are available at Lucky Car Ducky. But which models are the most efficient? 


Best Honda Fuel Economy for 2022


If you want a fuel-efficient Honda near me, you will have your choice of most of the lineup. Nonetheless, the following are the most efficient 2022 Hondas in order of efficiency for highway driving: 


  • 2022 Honda Insights: 49 mpg highway (Up to 55 mpg city and 52 mpg combined)
  • 2022 Honda Accord Hybrid: 47 mpg highway (Up to 48 mpg city and 47 mpg combined)
  • 2022 Honda Civic: 40 mpg highway (Up to 31 mpg city and 35 mpg combined)
  • 2022 Honda Accord: 38 mpg highway (Up to 30 mpg city and 33 mpg combined)
  • 2022 Honda CR-V Hybrid: 35 mpg highway (Up to 40 mpg city and 38 mpg combined) 
  • 2022 Honda CR-V: 34 mpg highway (Up to 28 mpg city and 30 mpg combined)
  • 2022 Honda HR-V: 34 mpg highway (Up to 28 mpg city and 30 mpg combined)


Remember that the fuel economy of many of the above models depends on the configuration you opt for. Choices like the engine and even the trim can affect efficiency. When in doubt, ask our team to help you choose the most fuel-efficient Honda near me. 


How to Make the Most of the Efficiency


Choosing a fuel-efficient Honda near me is only the first step. From there, you must follow good driving practices to make the most of the efficiency. Remember the following tips to maximize your gas mileage, regardless of your vehicle. 


Drop the Extra Weight


The more weight you carry, the more fuel your car will use. So, avoid keeping heavy items in your car unless you need them soon. Of course, don’t sacrifice your safety in the quest for efficiency. In other words, don’t take the first aid kit, spare tire, or jumper cables out of your trunk due to their weight. 


Accelerate and Decelerate Smoothly


Get in the habit of decelerating and accelerating smoothly whenever possible. This will reduce the amount of gas that your engine needs to consume. While this isn’t always possible, you should be able to change speeds smoothly most of the time. 


Don’t Speed


Once you get past a certain speed, your engine works less efficiently. So, stick to the speed limit signs and avoid the urge to speed. On a related note, try to maintain a steady speed when possible. Cruise control can be incredibly useful for boosting your efficiency. 


Choose Your Fuel-Efficient Honda at Lucky Car Ducky


If you want a fuel-efficient Honda near me, head to Lucky Car Ducky in Fresno, CA. Our team will gladly show you a range of efficient choices from the Honda lineup. If you aren’t set on a Honda, we can also show you great choices from other automakers.