Should I Have a Pre-Purchase Inspection For Used Cars in Fresno, CA

Posted Wednesday, Jun 08, 2022

No matter which car dealership in Fresno you buy from, it is always smart to have a pre-purchase inspection before buying. This is a smart move regardless of where you buy used cars near me. But what is a pre-purchase inspection, and why is it important? Should you have one done even if you get your car from one of the reputable car dealerships in Fresno, like Lucky Car Ducky?


What Is a Pre-purchase Inspection?


As mentioned, a pre-purchase inspection should be part of buying used cars near me. But what does it involve? It just means that you have a third party inspect the car for you. As a mechanic, they will have more knowledge and experience than you. This means they will know what warning signs to look out for and be able to assess the condition of the vehicle accurately. 


While the dealership could do the same, the dealership does have a vested interest in the results. Even if you buy from reputable car dealerships in Fresno, there may be a niggling concern in your head that they lied or misled you about the condition to push the sale or price. Even if this isn’t the case, you may have doubts. Simply put, having a third party inspect the car eliminates that concern. 


Who Performs the Pre-purchase Inspection?


You have a lot of options for pre-purchase inspections of used cars near me. Many car dealerships in Fresno offer this service. Or you can use a local independent garage or even an inspection company. Those inspection companies specialize in this type of pre-purchase inspection. If you have a family or friend with mechanical experience, you can even have them do the inspection. 


The Average Price


The cost of a pre-purchase inspection of used cars near me varies based on several factors, but it is usually about $100 to $200. It will depend on who will complete the inspection and how thorough you want it to be. At the very least, make sure that your inspection includes checking the following: 


  • Basic functionality 
  • Overall condition
  • Any hidden issues (such as rust, frame damage, etc.)
  • Electronics 


What’s the Point of a Pre-purchase Inspection?


Overall, the main goal of a pre-purchase inspection is to prevent you from accidentally buying a lemon. But that is an extreme situation. Even if the car is in good shape, the pre-purchase inspection can likely find some minor things that will give you negotiating power with a car dealership in Fresno. You can use that to lower the price for used cars near me. 


Of course, the inspection also gives you confidence in your purchase. Think of it as spending a few hundred dollars to prevent wasting thousands on a vehicle with issues. Or consider it a way to help you save more when negotiating at car dealerships in Fresno. 


Find Reliable Used Cars at Lucky Car Ducky


At Lucky Car Ducky in Fresno, CA, we pride ourselves on offering high-quality used cars. Even though we are confident in the quality of our vehicles, we encourage you to get a pre-purchase inspection if it will give you more confidence, and we’ll work with you to make that possible.