Best Used Ford Models to Consider for Your Next Car in Fresno, CA

Posted Tuesday, Oct 04, 2022

Are you thinking about buying a used Ford near me? You will have your choice of excellent models. From sedans to SUVs to trucks or even muscle cars, the Ford lineup is highly varied. But which are the best used Ford vehicles to consider at Lucky Car Ducky? We’ve rounded up some of the top options. 

Ford Expedition

The Expedition is the way to go if you want a capable full-size SUV. It is among your best options on the market for towing if you don’t want a pickup. But you also get to take advantage of the spacious interior with three rows of seats. Impressively, the third row is even large enough to accommodate adults. 

Ford F-150

It should be no surprise that the F-150 is among the top used Ford near me. This reliable pickup truck lasts a long time, so you can easily have your choice of model years. If you need something that can tow, haul, and go off-road, then the F-150 is for you. But at the same time, it does great on the road and can feature all the luxury and technology you need in a daily driver. Depending on your cabin choice, it is even family-friendly. 

Ford Fusion

If you want a used Ford near me that’s a midsize auto, consider the Fusion. Depending on the model year you choose, it comes with various engines and your choice of all-wheel drive. It is fun to drive as well as comfortable and loaded with features. 

Ford Mustang

The Ford Mustang is easily one of the most sought-after models in the quest for a used Ford near me. It is an icon with amazing performance and muscular styling. Of course, the Mustang is a great used option, but it’s not for everyone. Families, for example, will want to consider something with more spacious rear seats. But if your goal is performance, the Mustang is an excellent choice for a used Ford near me. 

Ford Taurus

Want a family-friendly sedan for a used Ford near me? Consider the Taurus. This full-size sedan has rear-wheel drive and is affordable yet loaded with features. It delivers a smooth ride, great infotainment, and powerful engines. Even better, look for a higher trim level of the Taurus, and you will constantly compare it to a luxury sedan. 

Choose Your Used Ford at Lucky Car Ducky

No matter what you want in a used Ford, you will find it at Lucky Car Ducky in Fresno, CA. We pride ourselves on offering a large selection of cars to fit all requirements. And for those situations when you want something specific, and we don’t have it in our current inventory, we are happy to look for it for you. You can even take advantage of our Car Finder feature via our website. We also suggest viewing our inventory on our website to get a feel for what’s currently available. And remember, our team is on hand to answer any questions you have, from those about specific models to offering recommendations based on your requirements.