At Lucky Car Ducky, 100% Credit Approval Is Our Goal

Posted Thursday, Apr 22, 2021

When it comes to getting your car, truck, or SUV that you’ve had your eyes on, one of the biggest impediments can be bad credit or no credit at all. Luckily, here at Lucky Car Ducky, it’s your lucky day!

Regardless of your credit history, we go the extra mile to make sure you’re able to get in the car, truck, or van of your dreams without having to worry about your credit situation. No matter your economic station, we go the extra mile to negotiate with lenders to make sure you can drive off in a vehicle regardless of the situation.


Let’s explore how we’re able to make good on our goal of getting you 100% credit approval no matter the situation!

Our Relationships with Top Lenders

At Lucky Car Ducky, we pride ourselves on our ability to cultivate amazing relationships, both with our staff, our customers, and also, our credit lenders! Most dealerships don’t have these kinds of connections, and as a result, they have to be extra careful with whom they lend to. At Lucky Car Ducky, our ability to bypass the traditional channels and get people the approval they need is why we are able to go a lot further than most people in our industry.


Without a doubt, if you’re skeptical about your ability to achieve credit approval, you need not worry. Our team will do everything in our power to ensure you’re able to get approval and get the car you’re looking for!

Our Selection of Vehicles

Thanks to our selection of vehicles, we know we’re going to be able to keep our business thriving, but it can only happen if we get the best deals possible for our customers! As a member of our Lucky Car Ducky family, we want to ensure you’re able to get in and go without having to have a lot of trouble with your pesky credit problems!


And if you have no credit history at all? No problem! Our team has the selection of cars that ensures we don’t need to get crazy with credit approval or waiting for you to show proof of credit history. Like we always say, no matter your situation, there isn’t a problem!


While we can’t guarantee you’ll get 100% credit approval, it’s always our goal to achieve that!

Everyone Gets Approved. That’s Our Goal!

No matter what, regardless of who you are, your situation, or your credit history, Lucky Car Ducky has one goal: get you in a car and make sure you’re happy! Our unique relationship with the industry’s top lenders and our relationships with said lenders means that we can get the deals that no one else in our industry can!


Rather than having to settle for a car you don’t want or having to take out another loan, don’t fret! We’ll get you the car you’re looking for without the hassle!


Visit Lucky Car Ducky today see for yourself why we are California’s best buy for used cars in CA!